Hi there!

If you represent a stuffing agency or a company and if you want my "updated resume", please fill out the form and submit. Make sure you use your business email that matches your company name and stuff… I will run a quick check and if all looks legit I will send you a personalized link to my own custom system, which I built to share my resume and demo my work at the same time. Basically this is my way to make a statement and share who I am as a professional and otherwise.

In my opinion, it should give you more than a 10 minutes phone call with me. I know all the questions. I have answered them there for you! See, this thing is also to make it easier for YOU and save your time.

Thanks for visiting, and yeah… I always look for more challenge, more ways to express, contribute, evolve and have fun. So, if you help me get some good connections here, I will make sure it's a win-win. Take care for now!